About the University

Gujarat Technological University is a premier academic and research institution which has driven new ways of thinking since its 2007 founding, established by the Government of Gujarat vide Gujarat Act No. 20 of 2007. Today, GTU is an intellectual destination that draws inspired scholars to its campus, keeping GTU at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change the world. GTU is a State University with 486 affiliated colleges in its fold operating across the state of Gujarat through its FIVE zones at Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Rajkot and Surat. The University caters to the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Management, Pharmacy and Computer Science. The University has about 4,00,000 students enrolled in a large number of Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate programs along with the robust Doctoral program.

Our education empowers individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. With a commitment to free and open inquiry, our scholars work transform the way we understand the world, advancing – and creating – fields of study.

The Vision, Mission statements and the Objectives it stands to fulfil are:


To be a global university for the creation and dissemination of knowledge and Innovation in Science & Technology, Humanities and Multidisciplinary domains for sustainable development and enrichment of human life.


1. To develop centres of academic excellence at university premises and at affiliated colleges in domains of science, engineering, technology,management, and environment for imparting comprehensive education, training, and research infrastructure as per the nation's requirements.
2. To build resources,facilities, proficiencies and other related infrastructure of global standard for the development of knowledge, skills, and competencies in the various educational domains.
3. To develop research-oriented pedagogy for flourishing ideas and to nurture innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals of tomorrow
4. To build and enhance collaborations with other academic, research, industry, and government organizations as well as NGOs across the globe so that education, training and research at university and its affiliated colleges become aligned with national and global level requirements.
5. To encourage multidisciplinary research and develop flexible learning ecosystem,


1. Excellence with value-based education.
2. Responsiveness to society.
3. Integrity and transparency.
4. Mutual Respect.
5. Sustainable development.

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